Best of OK In the Know: 2018-19

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Did you know that the OK In the Know learning community is celebrating its fourth birthday this year? After four years of collaboration, we have built up a wealth of information on the site with contributions from across Oklahoma.

The OK In the Know team combed through the top pages from the 2018-19 fiscal year, and highlighted a few gems that you may not have seen.

Top Resources

The following were the most utilized open-access resources in 2018-19:

  • Tools for Local Wellness Actions – Regardless of what type of community you work in or whether you hold a formal role, these resources are for people hoping to change the health of Oklahoma’s communities. The tools were developed for the Healthy Living Program, but may be of use to other partners.
  • Wellness County Profiles These dashboards consist of county-specific data around determinants of health and health outcomes. The Center for Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion at OSDH developed these profiles to support local efforts to address tobacco, physical activity, nutrition and resultant chronic diseases.
  • Are You “In the Know?” (Recorded Webinars)Still getting comfortable with navigating the OK In the Know site & Learning Management System? Watch these webinars for a guided walkthrough of each platform.

Many of the pages on OK In the Know are open-access (no login required); members may log in to access additional resources.

Top Discussions in the Forum

OK In the Know members are givers and doers, and the Forum (members only; login required) is the quickest way to spread the word about your upcoming events and other opportunities! Not surprisingly, these threads have been popular:

  • OPEN funding opportunities! – Heard about a new funding opportunity? Spread the word to your OK In the Know peeps in this thread! Check back often and watch for deadlines, as specific opportunities are often only open for a few weeks.
  • Upcoming webinarsPost upcoming webinars in this thread, and the OK In the Know team will cross-post them to the events calendar within 1-2 days.
  • OPEN job announcements – Use this space to post any job openings at your organization or in your area so others can help you spread the word! Please try to include an application deadline, if available, so we can move outdated job postings to the job postings archive.

If you’re not eligible to become a member of OK In the Know, you can still get the highlights! There are also public-facing pages on this site (no login required!) where the OK In the Know team cross-posts open funding opportunities, job announcements, and upcoming events open to the public, to make it easier for anyone interested to share them with partners.

Anyone may contact us to have a funding opportunity, job announcement, or event posted.


Editor’s Choice: Fresh and Local Picks

Below are just a few of our favorite posts and stories. Let’s keep ’em coming!

  • Compilation of Local Data Sources for Oklahoma – A central hub of links to local (regional, county, or city level) health data sources. Prioritize your work, assess your progress, or make the care for your wellness initiative with the evidence on this page.
  • Who’s Who: Directory of Members of the OK In the Know CollaborationFind out who to contact to get involved in health and wellness initiatives in your community! This page is not an exhaustive list, but provides contact information for the core members of the OK In the Know collaboration working at the local and regional levels throughout Oklahoma.
  • Oklahoma Spotlight: Turning the Dream of a Farmers Market into Reality – Want to harvest health at a local farmers market in your community? See the story of how the Atoka Farmers Market came to be through the combined efforts of the entire Atoka/Coal community and local TSET Healthy Living Program – all the details – from gathering stakeholders & overcoming obstacles to mapping out future directions.



Looking for more?

> Visit the Oklahoma Spotlight section of OK In the Know to see who is leading local health initiatives around the state, and to get practical tips you can bring back to your own community.

> Check out the Best of 2017 post for more goodies!

Have suggestions?

The OK In the Know team is here to help! We’re working on streamlining the site, identifying pages to update, and archiving or deleting content that is no longer relevant. If there are pages or posts on the site that you find less useful or want to improve, contact us.


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