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We are still getting played by Big Tobacco. This video brings to light the things that the corrective statements left out such as the disparities in the newspapers running the corrective statements. Big Tobacco still cannot be trusted. We cannot dim the light on tobacco prevention and cessation. We need to break the cycle.

In this video you will find…

Background information on why the tobacco industry has been ordered to make “corrective statements” about the harms of tobacco, as well as information about the harmful effects of tobacco in general, and specifically among minority populations.

2:00 – What Guiding Right, Inc. is doing about this
2:40 – Health impact, particularly on African American populations
3:01 – Tobacco industry practices
3:30 – Call To Action: what works to stop the harms of tobacco and create a culture of health

About this video

The video and advertisement were a collaboration between Guiding Right, Inc., Center for the Advancement of Wellness, OSDH, and Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET), the Oklahoma Tobacco Research Center (OTRC), and the National African American Tobacco Prevention Network.

Who is taking a stance?

Guiding Right, Inc. (GRI) has a mission to decrease social, economic, and health disparities for minority and other vulnerable populations within Oklahoma City’s Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) and Tulsa County. As part of ongoing efforts to educate about the court-ordered corrective statements required of the tobacco industry, Theodore H. Noel II, the executive director of the organization, brought attention to the high rate of menthol cigarette use among African Americans in a recent column in Tulsa World.

The vision of Guiding Right, Inc. (GRI) is to create self-sufficiency in navigating systems of care, social roles and economic achievement; while eliminating health disparities among all persons at risk, particularly African Americans. We envision increasing the quality of life for all citizens of Oklahoma by offering opportunities for youth and adults to acquire knowledge of surviving beyond poverty and circumstances.

Take action

As mentioned in the video, there are 5 key actions for people to take in the fight against Big Tobacco:

  1. Help expose past and current deceptive practices.
  2. Bring attention to the deadly harms of tobacco use.
  3. Make a difference at the local level by educating about the impact voluntary policy has on improving health.
  4. Help people quit by promoting the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline.
  5. Integrate tobacco prevention into healthcare and community systems.

Share the video to spread the word.

Learn more

Learn more about the tobacco industry’s court-ordered corrective statements here.

Go to www.guidingright.org or stopswithme.com for more information and how to get involved.


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This photo is from a 'Club By Storm' celebration event in Tulsa, OK. Pictured center is Campaign Manager, Kathleen Thomas, along with Free The Night supporters raising awareness for lung health and lung cancer.

While partnering can take patience, and outreach doesn’t always seem effective, you never know what will happen unless you try. Keep on reading to learn about the Free The Night Initiative, making more establishments in Oklahoma smokefree, and how YOU can help spread the word.

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Members of the TSET Healthy Living Program staff gather with Superintendent Scott Roper at a Pleasant Grove Walking School Bus event, a Blue Zones Project initiative. Superintendent Roper has been a Health Champion Leader for the school.

One of the great things about OK In the Know is getting fresh ideas from stories of how Oklahomans are moving the needle forward for our communities to become healthier. For example, a growing partnership in Pottawatomie County is bringing wellness to school in several ways, including allowing students to discover firsthand the importance of agriculture and nutrition.

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Meet Jessica B. Chavez! Jessica is the M-POWER Coordinator for the Latino Community Development Agency, Inc. where she works with local clinics in Oklahoma City to create health systems change to increase referrals to the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline. She is also engaging leaders of the Latino community to advise on a new health initiative. In her spare time, she also serves as a member of the OK In the Know Community Council.

Keep reading to learn more about Jessica’s work and expertise, including  the reason why she might have special insight on your three year old’s behavior. Or, find her in the OK In the Know directory and reach out!

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Meet Jody Reiss! Jody serves as the Healthy Living Program Project Director within the Volunteers for Youth Agency based in Claremore, while also volunteering as a member of the OK in the Know Community Council.

Below you can learn more about Jody, and her roundabout journey to the field of public health, and how she has incorporated her passion into improving the lives of those around her. Despite never having played a sport in her life, she stays very active. Read on to find out how!

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