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A TSET Healthy Living Program Grantee in Oklahoma County is working to make big changes in the lives of more than 3,000 apartment dwellers. Thanks to their work, a smoke-free policy has been passed with the Manhattan Management Company, which means that nearly 1,300 apartment units will become completely smoke-free.

Read on for the full scoop from Lauran Larson, Business Coordinator at the Oklahoma City-County Health Department, on the behind-the-scenes legwork and persistence it has taken to make this happen!

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The Canadian County Community Garden is an award-winning “labor of love” that brings together community businesses, volunteers, and partners, including the Canadian County Technology Center and its students. Read on to see the initiative in action promoting better nutrition while also feeding those in need.

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Kingfisher County’s Fourth Friday in the Park event received a 2017 Turning Point Community Champion Award. Congratulations to all involved in this collaboration! The Turning Point Community Champion Award Program recognizes initiatives, projects or events in Oklahoma that contribute to health improvement and quality of life in the community it serves through strategic partnerships and/or coalition efforts. Read on for details about how this event was developed and the many partners involved in making it a success.

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On the third Thursday of November each year, smokers are encouraged to take the Great American Smokeout challenge to quit smoking for a day...
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