Compilation of Local Data Sources for Oklahoma

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This page serves as a central hub of links to local (regional, county, or city level) health data sources for Oklahoma.

Prioritize your work, assess your progress, or make the care for your wellness initiative with the evidence on this page.

General Data Sources

Community Commons – UN Census Bureau & US Department of Health & Human Services – Allows users to generate maps and data reports on a variety of topics, including public health, food access, and environmental factors.

County Health Profiles – Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH), Community Epidemiology & Evaluation Unit – Report on health factors of the residents in each county. The topical information and flagship issues addressed highlight each county and align with Healthy People 2020 indicators.

County Health Rankings – Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – Reports on how health is influenced by the community you live in. County and state-specific reports are also available.

OK2ShareOSDH, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – County, regional, and state level data covering multiple public health areas, including births, deaths, inpatient discharges, cancer, and many others.

Oklahoma Health Workforce Data – OSDH, Office Of Primary Care and Rural Health Development – Maps that show county or local level healthcare service areas and needs, including: Health Professions Shortage Areas, Medically Underserved Areas, and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs)Healthcare Resources & Facilities

State Health Gaps ReportRobert Wood Johnson Foundation – Data on health gaps in the state of Oklahoma. The report focuses on what is driving health differences across the state and how those gaps can be closed.

State of the State’s Health ReportOSDH – County level data on health risk factors, health behaviors, and health outcomes brought together on an interactive website, allowing identification of patterns that occur across the state, over time, and within particular groups in Oklahoma.

Wellness County Profiles OSDH, Center for Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion – Oklahoma maps and county dashboards which include data around the social determinants of health, the community food retail environment, health outcomes and the introduction of the 3-4-60 concept at the county level. The profiles were developed to support local efforts to address tobacco, physical activity, nutrition and resultant chronic diseases. Historical data also available: 2017 County Health Profiles  |  2014 County Health Profiles

Nutrition / Physical Activity Data

Food Desert Maps – USDA, Food Access Research Atlas (FARA) – A look at food access, and a view of how food deserts have changed since 2010.

Low Income ReportOklahoma State Department of Education – School district and county level data on income.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Prevention / Treatment Data

County & Municipal Court Data for Alcohol Offenses On Demand Court Records – Available court records for alcohol offenses.

Data Query System (DQS) – ODMHSAS – Indicators collected by the Oklahoma State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup related to substance abuse and substance abuse prevention. On this website you can also find Oklahoma Prevention Needs Assessment student data and behavioral health data.

Highway Safety Office Data Oklahoma Highway Safety Office – Access to data on alcohol related crashes and fatalities throughout the state.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment DataODMHSAS – An online system where users can access statewide or county-level data on mental health and substance abuse treatment in Oklahoma.

ODMHSAS: Statistics and Data – ODMHSAS – Statistical reports related to substance abuse andBehavioral Health Issues from ODMHSAS and other sources.

Tobacco Control Data

Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline County Level Utilization DashboardsOklahoma Tobacco Helpline – An in depth look at Tobacco Helpline Utilization by month in different Oklahoma counties.

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Data sources will be added and updated periodically as new resources emerge.


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