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With combined efforts from the TSET Healthy Living Program (HLP) serving Atoka county and the entire Atoka community, the Atoka Farmers Market officially opened in the summer of 2017. The market has had great community support since opening and provides the opportunity to purchase locally grown produce.

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A Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) is a strategic tool for improving the health of a community through a collaborative process of identifying health needs and opportunities specific to that community.

The CHIPs listed below reflect the dedicated work of broad community cross-sector engagement. Many stakeholders, staff, decision-makers, and other interested persons participated in a series of facilitated meetings to discuss and prioritize community issues.

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Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) provides a one page summary outlining information on the healthcare workforce and health facilities in Oklahoma. This document provides an overview of available services within the state, while the full databook includes a breakdown by county. In the full databook, there is also a map visualizing the geographic distribution of these services through the state (pgs. 96-135).

Click here for more information on OSDH data and reports.

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The AARP Livable Communities Roadmap to Livability Toolkit is a beneficial tool for anyone working on active living and transportation. Some of the topics mentioned include:

  • Community Listening Session Toolkit
  • Transportation Workbook
  • Health Services and Community Supports Workbook

Don’t be deceived! The toolkit is meant to create healthier communities for all individuals. Click here for the full resource.

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