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UPDATE: The FINAL standings are in for the September OK In the Know Achievements Challenge, but the story’s not over! Scroll down to see who made the top 10 and find out how you can keep seeing local stories about how health & wellness initiatives are moving forward all around Oklahoma.

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Did you know that the OK In the Know learning community is celebrating its fourth birthday this year? After four years of collaboration, we have built up a wealth of information on the site with contributions from across Oklahoma.

The OK In the Know team combed through the top pages from the 2018-19 fiscal year, and highlighted a few gems that you may not have seen.

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Feature alert: Share the love!

There’s a ‘like’ feature on the OK In the Know site that allows you to quickly share your appreciation for others’ posts.

How do I use the ‘like’ feature?

In the forum and resources sections of the site, click on the ‘thumbs up’ icon to the right of the post to tell someone that you liked it without having to leave a comment, as shown below.


This is the perfect feature if you are quickly browsing and don’t have time to stop and say ‘Thank you.’ Instead, click the ‘thumbs up’ icon and show someone you appreciate what they’ve shared with the community. Use the ‘like’ feature and quickly become part of the dialogue happening on OK In the Know.

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