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The TSET Healthy Living Program and City of Guymon, along with local volunteers, are making the area around Guymon High School safer for students who walk or bike to school, or for community members who choose active transportation in their daily activities. They are helping drivers slow down as they approach the school by painting school-spirited markings on streets in areas that have high foot traffic or bicycle use near the school. 

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One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to talking about and implementing health policies. General information about various topics is listed below as a starting point for local wellness initiatives. Among these resources you can find: what a policy is; health facts about tobacco, nutrition, and physical activity in Oklahoma; and a toolkit for worksite smoking cessation.

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The purpose of the OKIntheKnow.org online learning community (OLC) is to help you access useful information, exchange new ideas, and better collaborate with others in Oklahoma who can help you make your community a healthier place.

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