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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published a booklet that commemorates the 15th anniversary of the National Network of State Quitlines. The booklet describes the history of quitlines in the U.S. and shares progress and successes.

Over the past 15 years, millions of people throughout the country have called quitlines, with many of these callers receiving coaching and cessation medications and going on to quit smoking. By helping people quit smoking, quitlines have saved lives.

Click here to access the booklet. The Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline is featured on pages 12 -13.



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FDA continues to work with Scholastic to develop new youth e-cigarette prevention resources for schools. FDA and Scholastic are expanding their collaboration to launch their first middle school resources in addition to new resources for high schools. Resources, such as lesson plans and activity sheets, will be sent to more than one million teachers to help them start educational conversations about the harms of youth e-cigarette use.

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On the third Thursday of November each year, smokers are encouraged to take the Great American Smokeout challenge to quit smoking for a day or for good.

To help those taking the Great American Smokeout (GASO) challenge, the Helpline, primarily funded by the Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust, or TSET, is now offering a new, enhanced selection of free services. These services include free text and email support, phone and web coaching, patches, gum, lozenges and more for registered participants. Click here for information about support available from the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline.

More resources for promoting the Helpline, including a Great American Smokeout (GASO) Swiss Cheese news release, can be found under “Brand Specific Materials” on the TSET HLP Resource page (members-only; please log in to view) .

Download flyers, posters, and table tents as well as ready-to-use web and social media graphics to promote the Great American Smokeout! Tools and resources are also available from the American Cancer Society. >>Learn more!

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The Lunch & Learn webinar, hosted on October 8, 2019 by the Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, provided an overview of e-cigarette and vaping products, youth access issues, health/safety risks associated with e-cigarette and vaping product use, and utilizing the Tobacco Prevention & Youth Engagement Guide. Attendees received information about the Oklahoma State Department of Health’s response to serious lung injuries related to e-cigarette and vaping product use and who to contact if they (or community members) have additional questions.

Click here to access the recording. Technical difficulties were experienced during the live session and are present in the recording.

Click here for a PDF of the presentation used during the webinar.

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Youth use of e-cigarettes continues to be an emerging public health challenge. Addressing this challenge requires the cooperation of state and territorial public health agencies with school administrators, nurses, teachers, and other school-based stakeholders to ensure that all young people can learn in an environment free from e-cigarette use.

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The Oklahoma State Dept. of Health (OSDH) – Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (Center) has created a Tobacco Prevention & Youth Engagement Resource Guide to support adults who educate or engage youth about the dangers of tobacco use and early nicotine exposure in multiple settings—communities, schools, worksites and healthcare facilities.

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TSET Healthy Incentive Program UPDATE: As of September 13, TSET has received Healthy Schools incentive grant applications for an amount that exceeds the funds available in this grant cycle, and has received Healthy Communities incentive grant applications for an amount that meets the limit. The next incentive grant application period opens on Dec 2, 2019 for both Healthy Schools and Healthy Communities, and all eligible entities are encouraged to apply at that time.

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The 2019 application period has ended and will reopen August 1, 2020! Certified Healthy Oklahoma is a voluntary and free state-wide certification available to businesses, schools, and all kinds of community organizations that want to be recognized as leaders making special efforts to promote healthy behaviors of Oklahomans.

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