Oklahoma Spotlight: Hydroponic Grow Towers in Altus Public Schools

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    How Was This Idea Developed?

    Altus Public Schools received a $30,000 TSET Healthy Schools Incentive Grant and used some of the funding to purchase hydroponic grow towers for their schools. Sabina Garrett (pictured above in blue), the Child Nutrition Director, was the grant writer and moving force for the policy progression. The HLP Southern Oklahoma Community Action Group laid the ground work with Altus.

    What Outcomes Have Been Achieved?

    Students and staff are excited about Altus Public Schools being awarded the funding for this project. The three systems provide opportunities for student and staff enrichment as well as use of the products in mobile meal deliveries. The high school agriculture department has a similar grow tower and described experimentation that can occur at the different levels using the system. Teachers have shown enthusiasm for the project and are eager to utilize the equipment into next school year.

    See the Hydroponic Grow Towers in Action!

    This video shows how the superintendent and various staff members are using the grow towers for the middle school and high school.


    To learn more about this community effort, or to get involved, contact:

    Shaundra Covey, Healthy Living Coordinator with Southwest Oklahoma Action Group, Healthy Living Program

    Phone: 580-380-4231

    E-mail: shaundra.covey@socag.org

    or Sabina Garrett, Child Nutrition Program Director for Altus Public Schools

    E-mail: sgarrett@altusps.com

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