The Achievements Challenge, Sept 2018: The Final Standings are IN!

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UPDATE: The FINAL stats are in for the September 2018 OK In the Know Achievements Challenge!

The OK In the Know Achievements Challenge was back for the month of September to give OK In the Know members a new way to be rewarded for using the site to collaborate and learn! The theme for the month was “public health hacks,” as a push to share our best tips, and check out NEW ways to be recognized for participating in Groups and helping out peers in the Forum.

Scroll to the end to see who made the top 10 each week and who was named as Rockstar Collaborators, taking home bonuses of 50 points toward their scores in the Challenge!

Points and achievements can be earned in many other ways, including logging in, browsing the site, starting a conversation in the Forum, and replying to others’ posts.

What is the Achievements Challenge?

The OK In the Know team will track points earned by every user for the month of September. At the end, we’ll announce the winners who earned the most points as the Achievers of the Month.

The winners will be solely determined by the number of points earned from September 1-30; points accumulated prior to September 1 do not count toward the total. However, the existing Achievements Leaderboard  will continue to track overall earnings over time.

How Does it Work?

You earn points by logging in and using the site. Over time, these activities add up, and you can earn extra points by reaching certain benchmarks, or achievements.

Each achievement is assigned a certain number of points, which can be seen here on the Achievements Menu. There, you can also see which achievements you’ve earned so far.

Introducing NEW Achievements

To make this month’s challenge even more rewarding, there are new ways to earn achievements on OK In the Know. For this month only, be crowned a Rockstar Collaborator by posting especially useful advice, inspiring success stories, and more!

Additionally, gain new achievements for engaging with groups from here on out.

Special Achievement
Achievement Points How Do I Get This?
Rockstar Collaborator 50 The OK In the Know team will award this distinction if you’re spotted posting useful tips or tools, answering others’ questions, and more!


Getting Engaged in Groups
Achievement Points How Do I Get This?
Nice Networking! 10 Get this achievement by joining a group! Click here for a current list of groups.
Group Discussion Dabbler  10 Get this achievement by adding a new topic in a group! Click here to learn how!
Group Discussion Guru 10 Get this achievement by adding 5 new topics in a group!
Strategy Swapper 10 Get this achievement by adding 10 new topics in a group!
Champion Convener 10 Get this achievement by adding 20 new topics in a group!

What’s Next?

Your points are being counted automatically, so keep using OK In the Know like you normally do. Consider trying new activities on the Achievements Menu to maximize your earning, learning, and collaboration!

Those who accumulate the most points during the month will be featured on the OK In the Know homepage and in the e-newsletter. May the friendliest and most helpful OK In the Know neighbors win!

Update: The final standings are in!

At the end of the month, our top 10 achievers were:

  1. Michel Ashlock – 161
  2. Jennifer Avery – 141
  3. Kim Netz – 115
  4. David C. Smith – 67
  5. Annissa Fleming – 52 (tied!)
  6. Wanda Berggren – 52 (tied!)
  7. Amanda Cribbs – 49
  8. Kassandra Rosas – 37
  9. Rhoda Strode – 34
  10. Armando Prado – 33

Week 3

As of September 26, our top 10 achievers were:

  1. Jennifer Avery – 140
  2. Kim Netz- 114
  3. Michel Ashlock – 107 (+50 as Rockstar Collaborator)
  4. David C. Smith – 65
  5. Wanda Berggren – 52
  6. Amanda Cribbs – 45
  7. Annissa Fleming – 43
  8. Kassandra Rosas – 36
  9. Rhoda Strode – 34
  10. Rhonda Cunningham – 29

Week 2

As of September 19, our top 10 achievers were:

  1. Kim Netz- 94
  2. Jennifer Avery – 70 (+50 as Rockstar Collaborator)
  3. Wanda Berggren – 48
  4. Michel Ashlock – 35
  5. Amanda Cribbs – 32
  6. Rhoda Strode – 29
  7. Rhonda Cunningham – 25
  8. David C. Smith – 25
  9. Silvia Gaines – 24
  10. Angel Tillman – 21

Week 1

As of September 12, our top 10 achievers were:

  1. Wanda Berggren – 26
  2. Jennifer Avery – 19
  3. David C. Smith – 18
  4. Michel Ashlock – 17
  5. Kim Netz – 15 (+50 as Rockstar Collaborator)
  6. Amanda Cribbs – 14
  7. Annissa Fleming – 12
  8. Jennifer Nunn – 11
  9. Taylor Shekarabi – 11
  10. Christopher Morgan – 8


Michel Ashlock

..and the Rockstar Collaborators are…

Michel Ashlock, a Healthy Living Program Grantee from Nowata CAN, is consistently one of our biggest cheerleaders on OK In the Know. Who doesn’t need that in their life?! See what she’s posted here.

Jennifer Avery, a Healthy Living Program Grantee at the Okmulgee County Health Department is rockin’ and rollin’. She asked a question about Bike Rack Vendors that has generated some productive dialogue (yes, asking a topical question with context is a step toward collaboration!).

Kim Netz

Kim Netz with People Incorporated, a Healthy Living Program Grantee in Sequoyah County. Click here to see her valuable contributions to the conversations on OK In the Know. Rock on, Kim!

This month, the OK In the Know team is awarding the Rockstar Collaborator badge weekly to OK In the Know users who are going the extra mile to post a thought-provoking question, share a useful tip or tool, answer others’ questions, or otherwise provide helpful insights in the Forums.

Want to be crowned next week’s Rockstar Collaborator? Share a success story, reply with advice, and help your peers in the Forum. We’re looking for quality over quantity, so impress us with your best ideas!


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