Tobacco Control Network: Youth E-Cigarette Microlearning Videos

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Youth use of e-cigarettes continues to be an emerging public health challenge. Addressing this challenge requires the cooperation of state and territorial public health agencies with school administrators, nurses, teachers, and other school-based stakeholders to ensure that all young people can learn in an environment free from e-cigarette use.

Recognizing this issue of national importance, TCN collaborated with the CDC Office on Smoking and Health (OSH) to produce this pair of youth e-cigarette use microlearning videos, a long form and a short form video. Both videos present the same content in different levels of detail.

Overall, these videos answer basic but important questions around why the use of electronic vapor products among youth has skyrocketed to epidemic proportions, how these products are being marketed to youth, what harmful ingredients are being consumed by youth when using them, and what population level evidence-based as well as promising interventions can address this epidemic.

E-Cigarette Microlearning: Shorter Version Video (6 minutes)

E-Cigarette Microlearning: Longer Version Video (11 minutes)

Along with these videos now available on the Resources tab of the TCN website, other resources that you might find helpful in communicating with schools and other external stakeholders include:


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