Oklahoma Spotlight: School Wellness Challenge Gets Students, Staff and Families Moving

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Looking for inspiration on how to get your students moving more this school year? The TSET Healthy Living Program grantee in Pontotoc County shares with us some of the partners and components of a wellness challenge that was held at Homer Elementary in Ada, Oklahoma. Students participated in a month-long effort which focused on active promotion of healthy eating and becoming more wellness and fitness goal oriented.  Teachers were encouraged to integrate nutrition and health education into core-curriculum areas such as math, science, social studies, physical education, and language arts.

Q & A

Q: How did you develop this idea?

A: We met with school administration and brainstormed on ways to get students, staff and families moving more, drinking more water, and eating healthier.

Q: How did this move your work plan forward?

A: More physical activity was implemented during the school day for the students and staff.  Physical activity and nutrition elements were added to the core curriculum.

Q: How much did it cost? How much staff time or volunteer effort did it take?

A: All items for the wellness adventure were donated.  A couple of weeks were spent planning, organizing and establishing partners for the event.  Partners who were included are:  Chickasaw Nation MPOWER, HealthCorps, American Heart Association, Jump Rope for Heart Program, CrossPointe Church Community Outreach Program,  Ada Fire Department, and the Pontotoc County TSET Healthy Living Program. Some of these agencies donated items and some donated their time.

Q: Where are you planning to take this idea in the future?

A: This was a very successful event.  We might extend the challenge longer than one month next time. We plan to take this idea to additional school districts in our community and show other communities the examples of Homer School’s success.

Learn more

Contact Becky Roe from the Pontotoc County HLP to learn more about this event!

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