OK In the Know “Spring into Summer” Achievements Challenge – Final Standings Are In!

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While we may work with different communities, sectors, or health topics, everyone on OK In the Know is contributing to efforts to improve Oklahomans’ health. The “Spring into Summer” Achievements Challenge celebrated and recognized the exciting work you are accomplishing in your community with a photo scavenger hunt! Scroll to the bottom for the final standings!

What is the Achievements Challenge?

This is a friendly competition open to all OK In the Know members. The site has a built-in Achievements Menu to recognize the friendliest and most helpful OK In the Know users for participating, learning, and collaborating. Over time, these activities add up, and you can earn extra points by reaching certain benchmarks, or achievements.

During the “Spring into Summer” Achievements Challenge, May 21 through June 21, 2019, there were some NEW ways to earn points, see health in action around Oklahoma, and celebrate your contributions.

How Do I Participate?

During the Challenge,

  1. Earn points by logging in and using the OK In the Know site. See the full list of achievements on the Achievements Menu.
    • The OK In the Know team will track points earned by every user between May 21 – June 21, 2019. At the end, we’ll announce the winners who earned the most points as the Top Achievers.
    • The winners will be determined by the number of points earned during the challenge; points accumulated prior to that do not count towards the total. However, the existing Achievements Leaderboard will continue to track overall earnings over time.
  2. Post your scavenger hunt photos of health in action to earn extra points:
    • Choose from the list of Scavenger Hunt Activities as a starting point. Feel free to take a photo of whatever you are working on!
    • Log in and upload your picture(s) here in the forum along with a few sentences about who’s in the photo(s), what was happening, and why you chose the activity/ies (think: “who / what / when / where / why?”).
    • The first 20 users to post a picture in the forum will earn a special Shutter Bug achievement badge and a bonus 20 points (limit: 1 per user).
  3. Be sure to “Like” others’ posts in the forum to vote on your favorite photos. The post with the most “likes” at the end of the challenge will be crowned the Top Shutter Bug of the Summer, earn 200 points and a special badge on their profile, and be featured on OK In the Know!

Tip: Looking for the “Like” button? Here’s where to find it.

Suggested Photo Scavenger Hunt Activities

Post a picture of yourself or colleagues in action on the job…

  • Meeting with your state representative about your work and how your agency/project aligns with their priorities
  • Giving a presentation to a local group about your work
  • Meeting with a mayor, city council person or staff that you have not worked with previously
  • Giving a talk to a business/ community organization
  • Attending and participating in a community coalition/group meeting other than your own
  • Completing an alcohol compliance check
  • Meeting with someone from another agency in your service area (find them here OR in the Member Directory) to learn about the work they do and how it connects with yours

Or, post a picture of health in action, showing…

  • A legislator participating in one of your local events
  • A site on your favorite neighborhood walk or trail
  • You striking a yoga pose near an Oklahoma landmark
  • A local prescription drug drop-off site or takeback event
  • Your visit to an Oklahoma state park
  • You stopping to smell the roses – or your favorite flower
  • Where to find fresh fruits and vegetables in your community
  • Participating in a group fitness class or other healthy activity

Midpoint Standings

As of June 7, the top achievers were:

  1. Jillian Latimer – 49 points (+20 as Shutter Bug, for uploading a photo)
  2. Jody Reiss – 40 (+20 as Shutter Bug)
  3. Maria Guel Rodriguez – 32
  4. Lori Lovett – 28
  5. Kayla Marler – 25 (+20 as Shutter Bug)

Final Standings

Thank you to everyone who participated in the photo challenge and shared the good work you are doing across Oklahoma!

As of the end of the month-long challenge on June 21, 2019, the top achievers were:

  1. Kayla Marler – 229 points (+200 as Top Shutter Bug, for receiving the most ‘likes’ on posted photos)
  2. Lori Lovett – 53
  3. Jillian Latimer – 49
  4. Karin Leimbach – 47
  5. Richard Westbrook – 46

What’s Next?

The “Spring into Summer” Achievements Challenge has ended, but the pictures and local stories shared as part of the photo scavenger hunt are still in the forum for you to check out!

Your points are counted automatically through the achievements system on the site. Through the achievements system, OK In the Know provides extra recognition to “good neighbors” who actively contribute and participate. Continue to try new activities on the Achievements Menu to maximize your earning, learning, and collaboration!


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