Meet Your Neighbors: Luis Hidalgo

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Meet Luis Hidalgo! He’s serving as a Health Educator at the Latino Community Development Agency, an M-POWER (OSDH/Center) grantee, and a member of the OK in the Know Community Council.

Read on to learn more about Luis, his public health background, how M-POWER is engaging the Latino community in increasing physical activity and staying tobacco free, and his own journey “walking the walk” in healthy living.

Q & A

Q: Everyone has a story to tell! What have you done in the past?

A: I was born in Nicaragua and moved to the United States when I was 15 years old, attended high school and college in Oklahoma City. Prior to starting my work at the Latino Community Development Agency I had served for over five years as a Latinos M-POWER advisory board member and previously for two years as a member of the Hispanic/Latino Tobacco Education Network, so when I learned that the position for Health Educator with M-POWER became available, I did not hesitate to become part of the team!

Q: What are you working on now?

A: Currently we are in the process of developing a community challenge as part of this year’s strategic plan, we are looking to engage our community in increasing physical activity and staying tobacco free. We have been working hard for the past few months conducting research around the areas in Oklahoma and Tulsa Counties with the highest percentage of Hispanic/Latinos. During our environmental scans, windshield audits and interviews conducted with members of the community and organizations, we have found that there’s a need for awareness and education on staying physically fit. Hispanic cuisine is many times filled with carbohydrates and fried foods, when you add the lack of physical activity, you get a recipe for disaster.

Q: What are your favorite ways to use OK In the Know?

A: OK In the Know is a great tool for online training and keep up with the efforts promoting wellness in Oklahoma. I use the In the Know Learning Management System to review previous webinars and make sure I didn’t miss anything! I also use the M-POWER Resource Directory often to find anything and everything I need for our work with Latinos M-POWER.

Ask him about…

History and Politics! I am a history and political junkie. I’m always happy to share unknown history facts with friends, family or coworkers. I mainly leave political discussions for friends and some family.

Latin America! I keep track of Latin American politics, culture and events, so if you have a question about what’s going on in Latin America, I’m your guy!


Fun facts
Luis and friends, right before sandboarding down from an active volcano in Nicaragua.
  • I enjoy traveling and I’m always looking for excuses to go to some other city, state or country.
  • I like my steak medium rare, I really cannot understand why anyone would eat an overcooked steak.
  • With our M-POWER program now focusing on physical activity, I have started going to the gym and eating better, for long I’ve been overweight and I’m now on a journey to become a healthier person. I’m a believer in practicing what you preach!
Get Connected!

Get to know Luis by checking out his profile on OK In The Know, sending him a friend request, or visiting the Forum to ask him a question!


  1. Luis, you are doing much needed work. You are right about the recipe for disaster that all of those carbs and fried foods combined with physical activity can cause. I hope you are able to provide the education people need to make healthier choices. It’s also admirable that you are trying to practice what you preach by becoming healthier yourself. Keep up the good work


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