Oklahoma Spotlight: Tulsa coalition has their fingers on the pulse of their community

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The Coalition Against Prescription and Substance Abuse of Tulsa, Oklahoma (CAPSAT) has made ground in Tulsa with its prevention work by gathering support from many sectors, including the city’s Mayor.

With the cooperation of the coalition, Mayor Bartlett recently held a public safety summit called “Safer, Stronger Tulsa” , focused on alcohol awareness, with officials from several sectors talking about how the excessive use of alcohol and DUI cases affects the Tulsa community.  This is the third of these summits, as the coalition has built the framework for future collaboration to tackle other public health issues in the community. capsatlogo

Keys to success

Marianne Long, the Tulsa Health Department’s Regional Prevention Coordinator, noted that the coalition was able to achieve success through strong partnerships, communication, and dedication to a common goal.

Says Long, “There was support from many parts of local government (mayor, police, district attorney), and the public response to each was strong and positive. Media coverage was excellent. Further, we have all read about and know that partnerships are important, and these summits truly proved the rule. Our work with the City of Tulsa (Mayor Dewey Bartlett, Chief of Police Chuck Jordan, and District Attorney Steve Kunzwelier) has shown us just how much we can accomplish when we combine our resources and work together toward our goals. We have learned to appreciate the different skill sets that we each have, and as a result we have become a strong team, and we hope to continue this relationship.”

Read the full story here for more pearls of wisdom on what makes this coalition really work — from their data-driven ‘hot spot’ approach for selecting where to act, to the role of student-led prevention efforts.

Kudos to Tulsa-area OK In the Know members Marianne LongClayton Tselee, and Stephanie Tillman on being featured in this national writeup from the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA)!

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