Videos: Fit 2 Learn Conference Presentations

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Research has shown that healthy students are better learners! The conference presentations were designed to empower attendees with the knowledge, skills and strategies to improve health and wellness in schools. The Fit 2 Learn conference was organized in June 2019 by TSET Healthy Living Program grantees in Tulsa County, and video recordings of the presentations are now available.

Who should view these video recordings?

Anyone interested in creating healthier school environments, including:

  • Administrators/District Leadership
  • Child Nutrition Directors
  • School Board Members
  • Classroom Teachers,
  • PE Instructors
  • Health Educators
  • Health and Fit School Advisory members
  • School Nurses
  • Parents
  • Advocates

Video: Fit 2 Learn – All sessions

The breakout sessions covered a wide variety of health and wellness topics. View the full recording, or use the time markers to jump to the presentations that interest you.

In the recording:
Cultivating Resilience in Schools [0:00]
  • Speaker: Leslie Keenan, LMFT, Registered Play Therapist, Executive Director and a founder of Family Hope House
  • Summary: Identifying and understanding impacts of trauma cultivate positive coping and adaptive strategies in children. Schools can create policies, programs and procedures that directly contribute to resilience in children. Keenan provides the tools to recognize, understand, and ultimately improve children’s responses to trauma.
E-cigarettes with Dr. Brian King [52:58]

Speaker: Brian King, PhD, MPH, Deputy Director for Research Translation in the Office on Smoking and Health with the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention

The Rise of E-cigarettes: What Are They, Who’s Using Them, and What Can We Do to Protect Our Kids? [52:58]

  • Summary: Tobacco products have infiltrated our nation’s schools and become commonplace among teens. By explaining the history, development and impact of e-cigarettes, Dr. King exposes the latest tobacco craze and details steps we can take to minimize their usage.

Chasing the Crown JUUL: Keeping up with Emerging Trends in Electronic Tobacco Products [1:38:30]

  • Summary: JUUL and heated tobacco products are the next phase of the changing tobacco product landscape. Dr. King discusses the rapidly changing environment of products, along with strategies for addressing new tobacco technology.
Food, Health and Learning – Addressing Food Insecurity in the School Setting [2:29:24]

Child Food Insecurity and Leveraging Government Resources to Solve It [2:29:24]

  • Speaker: Chris Barnard, JD, BA, Executive Director of Hunger Free Oklahoma
  • Summary: Barnard provides an overview of what food insecurity is, how prevalent it is in Oklahoma and the Tulsa area, and how schools can utilize federal nutrition programs.

School Based Food Pantries, Reducing Stigma in use of School Food Pantries by Food Insecure Students; Food Drives / Faith Based Partnerships [2:53:45]

  • Speaker: Joy Lindner, BSW, School Pantry Program Coordinator, Campus Pantry Program Coordinator, AmeriCorps Member at the Community Food Bank of Oklahoma
  • Summary: Lindner discusses food pantries in Oklahoma, resources to create School Based Food Pantries, and ways to overcome the associated stigma and encourage students to access them.

School Food Pantry Perspective [3:08:03]

  • Speaker: Teresa Baker, LCSW, Social Service Specialist at the Central Fine and Performing Arts JHS and HS in the Tulsa Public School District
  • Summary: Baker describes the local food pantry she coordinated in her community, including the benefits, promotion and inventory.

Food for Kids Backpack Program in Tulsa County [3:23:39]

  • Speaker: Cathy Elliot, Children’s Program Manager at Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma
  • Summary: Elliot shares information regarding the definition of food insecurity, myths commonly associated with hunger, and the benefits and strategies of the Food for Kids Backpack program.

Backpack for Kids Program in Elementary Schools Perspective [3:35:58]

  • Speaker: Emily Bemis, MS, LPC, School Counselor at Hoover Elementary School in the Tulsa Public School District
  • Summary: Bemis discusses how she developed her local Backpack for Kids program and its impact and importance.
Bringing Nutrition into Your Classroom [3:48:48]

Three presenters talk about ways to incorporate nutrition education into different classroom settings.

  • Speaker: Taylor Horn-Speck, BS, MS, CC, RDN/LD, Registered Dietitian, Chef and Nutrition Educator with the Tulsa Public School District [3:50:38]
  • Summary: Horn-Speck discusses methods of promoting nutrition in the cafeteria, such as the use of blender bikes and a fine dining program.
  • Speaker: Melissa Horn-Speck, MS, RDN/LD, Registered Dietitian at It’s All About Kids with the Tulsa Health Department [4:04:24]
  • Summary: This discussions covers two different methods of adapting nutrition education into traditional classroom curriculum across a variety of subjects.
  • Speaker: Megan Parks RDN/LD, Registered Dietitian at It’s All About Kids with the Tulsa Health Department [4:16:45]
  • Summary: Parks demonstrates games and other methods of involving nutrition education into active classroom play.

Video: Fit 2 Learn Keynote and Plenary Only

The following clip features the two presentations from Dr. Brian King of the CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health (90 minutes running time):

  • The Rise of E-cigarettes: What Are They, Who’s Using Them
  • Chasing the Crown JUUL: Keeping up with Emerging Trends in Electronic Tobacco Products


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