The Saving Dollars and Making Sense Committee Guide

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THE SAVING DOLLARS AND MAKING SENSE COMMITTEE GUIDE is a tool to help you establish and maintain a worksite wellness committee that will encourage your organization’s employees to eat healthy, increase physical activity, quit tobacco use, and manage stress. Worksite wellness committees play an essential role in overseeing an organization’s wellness programs. A primary goal of a worksite wellness program is to make the work environment more supportive of positive health behaviors among employees, thereby reducing their risk of developing chronic diseases. The concept of wellness, however, goes beyond reducing disease and includes promoting and supporting improved well-being for all employees. The worksite wellness committee will act as a liaison between management staff and employees, promoting a healthy work environment for all.

Click here to download the guide from Eat Smart, Move More North Carolina, a statewide movement that promotes increased opportunities for healthy eating and physical activity wherever people live, learn, earn, play and pray.



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