Success story: Will Rogers Park Project, Rogers County Coalition & Healthy Community Partnership

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The Will Rogers Park Project is a wellness initiative to achieve lasting, positive environmental change in Rogers County to prevent substance abuse and promote overall wellness for youth up into their adult life. What was once a neglected, overgrown eyesore in the heart of the city of Claremore is now a vibrant attraction for families and a gathering place for events.

What made this partnership successful

According to local leader Crystal Campbell, “First, sheer determination between health advocates and people wanting to improve their community, and second, a plan. A vision can only be accomplished if people know what it is and the why behind it.

The other part of the success recipe was the big need to give families a free activity to partake in. Because it was started by an individual without city employment – a stay at home mom no less, the belief that power of change lies within our reach has caught on. I’m very excited to say that our volunteer base to create bike trails along our city lake is fierce and growing, and once again our city officials have caught on and fully support the effort.

Our health, our pursuit of happiness and well-being is largely our own responsibility. Oklahomans are hard workers who care about each other and when we combine that quality attribute of our state with the idea of taking ownership of our health and wellness, we will awaken a new health leader of our nation. It starts at the local level and collectively grows. It’s all about vision.”

Learn more!

Click here to read a two-page overview of the great strides to date and the broad community involvement in the project. To learn more, or to get involved locally, contact the Rogers County Coalition & Healthy Community Partnership:

Contact: Crystal Campbell

Phone: 918-381-4482


Website: GARDEN PARTY: Will Rogers Park project blooms

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Rogers County Coalition & Healthy Community Partnership were recognized with the 2016 Turning Point Community Champion Award in the Children’s Health Category. Congratulations!


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