Report: TSET grantee insights on working with priority populations

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Partnering with various priority populations to achieve TSET Healthy Living Program outcomes can present unique challenges, but also tremendous opportunities. A new report synthesizes grantee insights on how to intentionally engage partners for a greater public health impact.


At TSET’s request, ChangeLab Solutions convened a cohort of grantees in December 2018 to examine the challenges and successes that TSET HLP grantees had experienced in working with priority populations.

The cohort also informed the development of a structured peer learning approach to address the issue, and provided insight on how grantees define and understand priority populations.

Key takeaways

The document provides key takeaways, including:

  • Grantees working on city government or community institution outcomes said working with a champion and building that relationship were critical to success. However …
  • Grantees working on school outcomes have experienced success due to the group that HLP implementation would serve: children. In addition …
  • Grantees also shared factors that contribute to successful implementation across sectors.

Key findings and recommendations resulting from the facilitated discussions are organized into four main topic areas: experience of HLP implementation; understanding priority populations; ways to strengthen HLP implementation; and ideas for cohort development. The executive summary can be found here.


TSET grantees: If you have questions or comments, contact your TSET program officer.

Other questions can be submitted via the OK In the Know contact form.


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