Public Health Academy of Oklahoma Toolkits

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The following toolkits and templates were developed by the Public Health Academy of Oklahoma (PHAO) collaborative for use by any coalition or organization interested in working on improving health and wellness in their community.

Strategic Plan

A strategic plan is the first step for a coalition or community organization to take in order to move forward in its efforts to create positive change in their community

Work Plan

Planning organizes actions that will lead to the fulfillment of a goal or even turning dreams into reality.

Logic Model
A logic model is a tool which visually describes the linkages between goals, activities, and expected outcomes for a program.
Program Evaluation

Evaluation is the process of determining whether programs – or certain aspects of programs are 1) appropriate, 2) adequate, 3) effective, and 4) efficient.

Communication Plan

By spending some time thinking about your message, your intended audience and how you will deliver your message, you will become more effective and efficient in communicating a lasting message.

Coalition Membership Assessment

This tool can provide essential information that will be useful in maintaining your coalition over time.


To learn more about these materials, contact the OK In the Know team.


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