Oklahoma Tobacco Research Center


A nationally recognized tobacco research center, the Oklahoma Tobacco Research Center (OTRC) focuses on conducting scientific research and interventions addressing tobacco use and other modifiable health risk factors, such as sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, and risky alcohol and other substance use as well as the dissemination of the research findings. These health risk factors have an important impact on the current and long-term health of Oklahomans and existing health disparities.

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Dr. Michael Businelle and Dr. Darla Kendzor are the Co-Directors of the OTRC and oversee the work of the center’s faculty and staff. Currently, OTRC has approximately 25 active research studies. In addition, OTRC continues to partner with the NCI-designated Stephenson Cancer Center (SCC).

TSET funding contributes to the support of key OTRC resources including the Mobile Health (mHealth) Shared Resource, the Tobacco Treatment Research Program (TTRP), the Tobacco Regulatory Science Lab, and the Post-Doctoral Training Program. The TTRP offers evidence-based, intensive smoking cessation treatment to adults on the OUHSC campus and from the community, while 1) supporting recruitment, screening, and enrollment into clinical trials, and 2) contributing to a longitudinal data registry containing information about participants and their experiences as they quit smoking.

Tobacco cessation referrals from the OUHSC and SCC are automatically generated when current tobacco use is recorded in the electronic medical record (mandatory tobacco use assessment). Provider-initiated and self-referrals may also be received by telephone (405-271-QUIT), email (ttrp@ouhsc.edu), fax, internet (271quit.com), or walk-in.


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