Oklahoma “Tobacco Stops with Me” Media Campaign Evaluation

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Two peer reviewed publications present the evaluation results of the Tobacco Stops With Me campaign in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma “Tobacco Stops with Me” Media Campaign Effects on Attitudes toward Secondhand Smoke.

In this study, researchers found that exposure to the “Tobacco Stops with Me” campaign led to increases in: support for smokefree bars, reporting beliefs that secondhand smoke causes heart disease, is very harmful, and causes sudden infant death. View abstract.

Longitudinal Evaluation of the Tobacco Stops with Me Campaign. View full article.

This study found exposure to the campaign “doubled quit attempts among tobacco users and increased knowledge about the harm of secondhand smoke. Tobacco non-users exposed to the campaign were 1.5 times more likely to help someone quit using tobacco than those not exposed, report that tobacco is a serious problem in Oklahoma, believe that tobacco companies should not be allowed to give away free samples or advertise at public events, and believe that smoking should be banned at public outdoor places.”


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