Oklahoma Spotlight: Put these inspiring stories to work!

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Stories of what people are doing around Oklahoma to move their communities toward wellness can be found in the Oklahoma Spotlight category within the Resources section of this site.

Success stories can serve as examples to your community partners of why health matters, and provide inspiration as to what they can do to help your community thrive with their unique assets or talents.

And, when the going gets tough — or when you’re just trying to keep going — they help us remember that a small group, or even one person with a vision, can ignite a passion and continued action throughout their community. Each of us, through our hard work, is contributing to this momentum.

>>See which communities are in the Oklahoma Spotlight!

Make these success stories work for you
  1. Contacts are provided from each of the initiatives featured in the success stories on this site — reach out to them to congratulate them, support the local momentum if you’re in the area, or bounce ideas on how to start a similar initiative in your area.
  2. Share these stories with colleagues and local collaborators to spark new ideas.
  3. Show these stories to prospective partners to help them see how successful partnerships might look.
  4. Bring these stories to local leaders to build support for health and wellness initiatives.

Post a comment below and share your own ideas — How have you made story-telling or success stories work for you? 

Pay it forward – share what you’re working on!

Talking about your local successes helps great ideas spread to more communities – and everybody wins. Every project has hurdles to overcome, and even the not-so-successful results are worth talking about so the OK In the Know community can lift you up and learn with you.

Post in the “Tips, Tools, and Success Stories section of the Forum, or contact the OK In the Know team to tell your own story!

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