OK In the Know Bingo Challenge: It’s ON!

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    While we may work with different communities, sectors, or health topics, everyone on OK In the Know is contributing to efforts to improve Oklahomans’ health. This winter, the Advocacy Bingo Challenge makes it as fun AND as easy as checking off a Bingo card to talk about the causes and communities we care about.

    This is a friendly competition open to all OK In the Know members and their partners.

    You may team up with others in your office or with multiple organizations in your area (e.g. legislative district or county) to complete the actions on the board. Collaboration is encouraged!

    How Do I Play?

    1. Click here to download the Bingo board.
    2. Mark the spaces on the board as you complete the various action items*.
    3. Complete 5 actions in any one column, row, or diagonal across the board to get BINGO.
    4. Post your completed BINGO board and answer at least 1 reflection question (see Bingo board) in the OK In the Know Forum.

    *The Challenge is OPEN now through February 1, and only includes actions taken between December 2018 and February 1, 2019.

    Why Should I Care?

    We all share in the important task of communicating with local stakeholders about health and wellness. With more voices speaking for health, we’ll gain support for the valuable work being done, and inspire more community partners to make health improvement a priority. This amounts to progress toward a culture of wellness, and achieving a larger impact on health outcomes together – – thus creating a healthier, more prosperous future for Oklahoma.

    Participate to Win Prizes and Earn NEW Achievements on OK In the Know

    Everyone who has gets BINGO will be entered into a drawing for prizes generously contributed from TSET’s fulfillment center.

    The achievements system on OK In the Know just got even more exciting —

    • BINGO Achievement: The first 25 users to get BINGO earn 200 points and a special badge on their profile; limit: 1 per user.
    • BLACKOUT Achievement (full board): Anyone who marks every space on their board and reaches this mega achievement earns 1000 points!

    What is Advocacy?

    Advocacy is any action taken to publicly demonstrate support for a cause or policy, including educating stakeholders and decision makers. This is different from lobbying, which attempts to influence a legislating body or the establishment of legislation. Although lobbying is not permitted by grantees and state employees, advocacy is highly encouraged as many public health success stories are attributed to advocacy; i.e. seat belt laws, smoke-free policies, and safe drinking water, to name a few.

    More Tips

    Reflections and Questions

    As you complete the BINGO challenge, post in the OK In the Know forum to reflect on your experience or to get help with actions on the board that you may be struggling with.


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