Meet Your Neighbors: Dusti Brodrick

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Meet Dusti Brodrick! She’s serving as a Turning Point Regional Partnership Consultant at the Oklahoma State Department of Health, and serves Blaine, Canadian, Kingfisher, Logan, Major, and Garfield Counties.

Read on to learn more about Dusti, her public health background, and her involvement with the Health Planning Coalition to help at-risk-youth.

Q & A

Q: Everyone has a story to tell! What have you done in the past?

A: I received my Bachelors of Science in Health Communications from OSU in 2008. I then began working at the Blaine County DHS office when my husband got a job offer in Kingfisher. This required moving. In October we moved to Kingfisher and in early January of 2009 I was offered the job as the SWAT Coordinator for Blaine and Kingfisher Counties. Over the year I moved up to the coordinator position of the TSET grant. During this time I was part of passing the tobacco free 24-7 policies in all the schools located in the two counties.

In July of 2012 I became the Turning Point Consultant for Blaine, Canadian, Kingfisher, Logan, Major and Garfield Counties. This job has lead me to have a wider range of topics to work on, as well as, created new partnerships and friendship that I cherish. Working in public health is not always a win win or something that is often measurable in real time. However, working in public health has shown me that what I do on a daily basis is making an impact on the health of my counties in which I serve.

Q: What are you working on now?

A: I am part of the OK Turning Point Policy Committee. While I cannot directly advocate passing a policy, I have learned a lot about policy and have seen success in areas of moving policy forward the past few years. It’s fun to be part of a bigger movement.

In Garfield County, the Health Planning Coalition received a grant to work on lowering recidivism rates and mentoring at-risk youth to be productive citizens. This led us to implement (beginning in June) a running/mentoring program modeled after the Run Wild program in Bartlesville. With the support of the Judge, District Attorney, Office of Juvenile Affairs (OJA), and many other community leaders, we know this event will be a great success.

Q: What are your favorite ways to use OK In the Know?

A: I love using the online training. It give great education right at your own computer desk, as well as innovative ideas to use in your own community.

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Certified Healthy and group facilitation.

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I secretly wish I was a party/wedding planner.

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