Meet Your Neighbors: Clint Miller

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Meet Clint Miller! He’s serving as Program Manager for the McClain County Healthy Living Program at Norman Regional Health System, a TSET Healthy Living Program grantee.

Clint is somewhat of a veteran in public health and is a rock star at planning and keeping track of things. Read on to find out what Clint can give you advice on and what he is most proud of.

Q & A

Q: Everyone has a story to tell! What have you done in the past (work, life, education)?

A: After receiving my Masters in Health Education from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford, I marketed medical equipment briefly, before becoming the Purchasing Director for Weatherford Hospital.

An opportunity became available to use my education, and eliminate a 90 mile daily commute so I became the Communities of Excellence Coordinator for Western Oklahoma Tobacco Control, serving four Western Oklahoma Counties. After working as a CX Grantee for just over six years, my family and I decided to move closer to the Oklahoma City Metro.  I was fortunate to be able to continue as a CX Grantee for Norman Regional Health System serving McClain County, and now work as the Program Manager for the TSET McClain County Healthy Living Program.

My wife and I met in college and married in 2008. Our daughter Ruby Sue joined us in 2013 and son Scout Arthur in 2015.

Q: What are you working on now?

A: The McClain County Healthy Living Program experienced our first big success, having the second Healthy Retail Resolution in the state pass in the City of Newcastle. I am extremely proud of our Sector Coordinators Laura Matlock for taking the lead and stirring the boat alongside Lacy Morgan as the face of our program out in the community.  Ordinances, assessments and resolutions assist all of the sectors represented in a community.  They not only help with economic development, and potential grant funding, but help paint a picture for visitors, business and residents looking to relocate that they are a health minded and progressing community who care about their citizens and patrons.

I have been fortunate to be involved in the planning stages of the OkIntheKnow site and served on the advisory committee for PHAO. This is exciting to be able to have a voice in the creation of a tool used by public health partners around the state.

I also recently had the opportunity to serve on a planning committee for a Regional Work Day, giving grantees sharing a TSET Program Officer the opportunity to meet, network and exchange ideas. I look forward to more days like this.  It is refreshing to be able to exchange ideas and challenges with others who are doing the same work around the state.

Q: What are your favorite ways to use OK In the Know?

A: The Groups feature and sharing ideas.

Ask him about…

Planning and organization.

I can be a little obsessive in keeping track of things and planning.  I am asked to share tracking tools a lot that I use to keep track of the strategic plans and planning guides we utilize in our office.

Being somewhat of a public health veteran, I try to share common sense advice on accomplishing your work plans as well as creating them and a sensible budget.  I love the mentoring aspect of it; just don’t expect me to do your work for you. 🙂

Fun facts
  • I am an EX-smoker. I started smoking when I was about 15, and would quit through most of basketball season in high school each year.  I finally quit for good after several failed attempts not long before starting as a CX Grantee.
  • Although I live in Norman I am NOT an Oklahoma University fan, growing up in Texas I tend to cheer for whoever OU is playing.
  • I am an obnoxiously proud father; I talk about and brag about my kids way too much but have no shame about it. My wife and I both share way too many pictures on Instagram of the kids, but again we have no shame in it.
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  1. Hi Clint – no worries, correction made! First or not, these resolutions take a lot of hard work and dedication, and both of these early wins are helping pave the way for others to follow. Kudos to you and your team, as well as to our friends in Muskogee County 🙂


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