Learning Lab Lessons Learned: Strategies for Increasing Access to Healthy Foods

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A small cohort of OK In the Know members participated in a 6-part pilot series of online “Learning Lab” meetings with the goal of advancing community-based solutions to increase access to healthy food options. This relates to the TSET Healthy Living Program’s G3 outcome, “Adopt and implement an action-oriented healthy food retail resolution to improve food access by making it easier for residents to find, afford, choose, and use healthy food.”

Based on the work they are doing in their communities, cohort members identified several barriers to their work of increasing accessibility of healthy foods and discussed potential solutions to those barriers. The primary barriers and corresponding solutions have been compiled into a resource for the OK In the Know community.

This resource, primarily useful for TSET grantees, can help anyone interested in food access!

Click here to read more about the barriers and solutions, as well as ideas for helping communities sustain long-term improved healthy food access.


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