Introducing TSET Healthy Living Program Videos for Improving Healthy Food Access

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Increasing a community’s access to fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods is an essential way to lower rates of obesity and improve wellness at a wider level. But obstacles that create and perpetuate food deserts can make it difficult for TSET Healthy Living Program grantees and other concerned citizens who are working to make healthy foods more accessible for everyone.

That is why TSET and the OSDH Center for Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion are pleased to present a new six-video series on “Increasing Healthy Food Access.”

Adopting and implementing a Healthy Food Retail resolution – the G3 Outcome for TSET HLP grantees – is the gold standard for bringing about sustainable improvement. Not every community is currently ready to take that step. But grantees, with key partnerships, can still help residents in those cities and towns gain greater access to healthy foods.

Statewide Overview Video Features Helpful Takeaways

The “Improving Healthy Food Access” video series begins with a 13-minute video that provides an overview on the importance of improving access to healthy foods, explains common barriers to community-wide access, and offers five helpful takeaways for TSET HLP grantees and community partners to utilize for overcoming those challenges.

Local Videos Showcase Different Routes toward Improving Healthy Food Access

Each of the other five videos features an Oklahoma town or city, each with its own set of food access challenges and opportunities, and the steps that each community is taking to make improving healthy food availability and access a reality.

Click the links below to view the videos for each of those cities and towns:

Goodwell, pop. 1,290 (Texas County)

Langston, pop. 1,832 (Logan County)

Muskogee, pop. 37.402 (Muskogee County)

Norman, pop. 123,471 (Cleveland County)

Nowata, pop. 3,612 (Nowata County)

Communities of different sizes and parts of the state are featured to help grantees learn from and gain inspiration from places similar to those in their service area. But we encourage you to watch all the videos, because a tip or idea from anywhere could spark an idea for positive change in a community of any size or location.

Click here to download the information on this page as a printer-friendly one-page handout.


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