Guide to Groups in OK In the Know

Guide to Groups in OK In the Know




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About Groups

The Groups feature of the OK In the Know website allows subgroups of community members to meet and collaborate with people working in the county or community setting, on similar public health topics, or on a shared project. A group page has its own forum where members can converse and upload materials, and several other powerful features to help your group gather expertise and work together efficiently.

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Finding Groups

You can find groups to join within the Groups Main Page or under the “Group Forums” heading in the Forums. You can join public groups and request membership to private groups.

groups directory

If you’ve been invited to a group, you may view your pending invitation and accept the membership by clicking on “Pending Invites”.


You can then choose to accept or reject group invitations.


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Group Roles


In a public group, members are able to post to the group’s forums and upload documents. Additionally, being a member of a group means having the group’s activity aggregated in your Activity > My Groups activity stream.

In a private or hidden group, members have the same privileges as in a public group. Being a member of a private group also means you are able to see who the other members of the group are and that you can send invites to other users (if that option is made available by the group creator).

Note: For a public group, when a user posts to the discussion forum they automatically become a member of the group.


Group members can be promoted to group moderators by group administrators. Moderators are able to edit, close, and delete any forum topic or post in the group.


The individual who creates a group is automatically the group’s first administrator. Administrators have all the abilities of moderators, plus full control over the contents and settings of a group.

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Privacy Settings

Administrators can set the privacy level for groups as:


Any member of the site is able to join the group without needed approval from a group administrator. All group content is visible to members of the site’s online community.


Users must request membership and get approved by the group administrator (by default the person who created the group). Any member of the site can search for the group in the Group directory and see the group name in the forum. However, only members of the group can see the group’s forum posts and materials.

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Create a Group

You can create a group by going to your profile dashboard on the top right corner of the page


If you hover over “Groups” you will find an option to “Create a Group”. Click on this to create a group.

create 2

You will be directed to a page where you can set up your group. First you will be asked to enter a Group name and description. These are required. You can add an address for your group if you would like.

You will also be asked about who you would like to show the group map to. The group map is a Google Map of a location (based on the address you entered) for the group. This is optional and likely unnecessary unless your group has a physical location.

set up

After you are done entering information, click “Create group and Continue. You will then be asked to select privacy and group invitation settings.

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Group settings

For privacy options, we recommend selecting “public” or “private,” NOT “hidden,” unless you do not want the group to be easily found.

You can select who else can invite members to the group. You can allow all group members to invite others, only group admins and moderators or only group admins.


Once you select your settings, click on Next Step. You will then be asked whether or not you create a forum for your group.

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Group forum

A group forum allows your members to have a place to have discussions and interact with each other in a space entirely dedicated for your group. We recommend you include this feature when creating a group.

Once you have made your selection, click on Next Step. You will then be asked to upload a group avatar (i.e. photo) for your group.

group forum

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Upload a Group Avatar

Just like having a profile picture, having a group avatar gives your group an easy-to-spot identity. You can drag an image file into the box or click on “Select your File” to select your photo, image or logo file from your computer. We recommend that you do this.


Once you have uploaded a photo, click Next Step.  You will then be asked to select Upload Permissions.

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Upload permissions

You can choose who will be able to upload files to your group page and forum. You can allow all group members (recommended) to do this or only group administrators and moderators. If you would like your members to be able to share files with each other we recommend you allow all your members to upload files.


Once you’ve made your selection, click on Next Step. You will be directed to the final step which is to invite members to your group.

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Invite Members

You can only invite members who are also your friends on the site. A list of these individuals will appear on the left side of the page. For help adding members to your group, contact the community managers. Check the box for the members you would like to invite and then click Finish to send the invitations.

invite members

Congratulations! You’ve now completed your first group!

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