Delivering Community Benefit: Healthy Food Playbook

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The “Healthy Food Playbook” showcases how hospitals have connected food systems work to a community health mission and programs to bolster environmental and community health.

In the Playbook you will find:

  1. Intervention Implementation Strategies promoting healthy food access and eating.
  2. Resources on including food systems in the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) process.
  3. Recommendations for Evaluation and Reporting on interventions, support for initiatives, and success.
  4. Case Studies encompassing the CHNA process and implementation strategies of communities and hospitals with different sizes, populations, economic conditions, and priority health concerns.

Fighting food insecurity, obesity, or diet-related health conditions? These tools are for you.

The playbook was produced by nonprofit Health Care Without Harm, which leverages the health sector’s “expertise, purchasing power, political clout, workforce development, and moral authority” to reconstruct it as a community anchor for sustainability, build healthy communities, and reduce environmental impact.


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