Youth Engagement “Coffee Break” Recap, October 2018

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Want to better engage youth in your community health initiatives?

Gain insights straight from student and adult coordinators in this Community “Coffee Break” Recap.

On Friday, October 19, 2018, OK In the Know members settled in with a warm drink to discuss:

  • What motivates teens to join a coalition to reduce risky behaviors?
  • How, through a partnership with Tobacco Free Kids, youth have become certified trainers and peer educators for the Taking Down Tobacco curriculum and how it can be implemented in your area.
  • What it means to be “youth-led adult guided.”
  • How to plan community events and fund-raisers.

Attendees heard from the Noble SWAT Drug Free Communities Youth who are currently engaged in coalition work to address alcohol, tobacco and prescription drug issues within the community, and connected with other adult coordinators who are engaging youth as public health partners. For those just getting started, we discussed how to identify youth to engage in your area.

Guest speakers:

  • Emma Adams, Co-Presidents of Noble SWAT, Sophomore at Noble High School
  • Faith Lorenz, Co-Presidents of Noble SWAT, Senior at Noble High School

Missed the live coffee break discussion?

Click here for the recording of the live coffee break. Find full discussion minutes in the forum.

In the recording:
  • Faith Lorenz and Emma Adams talk about:
    • Why they joined Noble SWAT and stay engaged [5:13]
    • Being certified trainers for Taking Down Tobacco [9:12]
    • What it means to be “youth-led adult guided” [10:20]
    • Their process for planning events [11:55]
  • Adult Coordinators share their role and why they start so young when engaging youth in prevention and health promotion efforts [14:50].
  •  Q&A [16:10] – Listeners ask Faith and Emma about how they are tackling JUULing, “hook” peers [21:50], and raise funds [22:20].
  • Open Mic: Attendees’ Discussion
    • Getting Started & Keeping Them Coming Back [25:40] – How coordinators “hook” youth
    • Barriers [29:26] – What are they and how to overcome them?
    • Getting Connected to Existing Youth Groups [33:30]
Noble SWAT’s recommended resources
Resources for adult coordinators of youth initiatives

Best Practices User Guide: Youth Engagement – CDC’s guide provides information on the best practices for engaging youth as a part of a comprehensive tobacco control program. Youth involvement can lead to important policy and social norm changes, and advance the fight against pro-tobacco influences.

Youth Engagement Alliance – A network of national, state, tribal, territorial and regional professionals who work with youth to fight tobacco. The Alliance’s mission is creating a unified voice to cultivate and advance effective strategies for youth engagement and advocacy in tobacco control by providing support, networking, training and resources for those working with youth.

Continue the Conversation

Continue the conversation in the OK In the Know Forum! Talk about what youth in your community are doing, how you are building health-related partnerships with youth, share your take-aways from the coffee break, and brainstorm next steps.

Taking the time to reflect or to see what others plan to do is is a good step toward moving new ideas forward!


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