Active People, Healthy Nation Initiative

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CDC invites the general public, organizations, and leaders to join the Active People, Healthy Nation Initiative. This is a multisector initiative to help 27 million Americans become more active by 2027 through scientifically-credible strategies that work.

The initiative is based on a foundation of inclusion and health equity where physical activity is a universal social norm regardless of age, race, income, socio-economic status, disability status, and geographic location.

Join now! Individuals, families, businesses, and community leaders may become part of the Active People, Healthy Nation movement and gain access to monthly updates, exclusive networking opportunities, the Active People, Healthy Nation design element, and ways to receive recognition for your work. By leveraging our collective strengths, we can achieve the goal of creating an active America, together.

Additional communication resources can be found on the Active People, Healthy Nation website, including a design element (in English and Spanish) and badges to use on websites, social networking sites, and blogs; fact sheets and presentations; print and digital advertisements; and other social media materials.


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