OK In the Know Achievements Challenge UPDATE

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    UPDATE: The January 2018 mid-month stats are in for the OK In the Know Achievements Challenge!

    We are excited to announce a new competition to help make collaboration and learning on OK In the Know even more rewarding!

    You may have noticed the Achievements Leaderboard section on the OK In the Know main page. Points and achievements can be earned in many different ways, including logging in, browsing the site, starting a conversation in the Forum, and replying to others’ posts.

    What is the Achievements Challenge?

    The OK In the Know team will track points earned by every user for the month of January. At the end, we’ll announce the winners who earned the most points as the Achievers of the Month.

    The winners will be solely determined by the number of points earned from January 1 to January 31; points accumulated prior to January 1 do not count toward the total. However, the existing Achievements Leaderboard will continue to track overall earnings over time.

    How Can I Win?

    You earn points by logging in and using the site. Over time, these activities add up, and you can earn extra points by reaching certain benchmarks, or achievements.

    Each achievement is assigned a certain number of points, which can be seen here on the Achievements Menu. There, you can also see which achievements you’ve earned so far.

    What’s Next?

    Your points for January are being counted automatically, so keep using OK In the Know like you normally do. Consider trying new activities on the Achievements Menu to maximize your earning, learning, and collaboration!

    Monthly winners will be announced on the OK In the Know homepage, and in the weekly e-newsletter.

    May the friendliest and most helpful OK In the Know neighbors win!


    Update: The January 2018 mid-month stats are in!

    As of January 18, in order of most points earned, our top 10 achievers are:

    1. David C. Smith
    2. Kelsey Jo Harlan
    3. Sandy Foster
    4. Courtney Reeder
    5. Jessica B Chavez
    6. Rhoda Strode
    7. Kim Netz
    8. Annie Evans
    9. Annissa Fleming
    10. Heather Silva

    A big congratulations and thank you to these individuals for making the most of the OK In the Know website and resources.

    The standings are close, and it’s not too late to catch up! Keep on visiting OK In the Know to rack up points while browsing useful resources and joining in conversations to propel your work forward.


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