5 Habits of Rockstar Collaborators

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Whether you’re a Newbie or a Forum Forerunner, here are a few ways to get the most out of the connections the OK In the Know online community offers, and make your health initiative rock.

Rockstar Collaborators…

1. Introduce Themselves.

New to OK In the Know? First time posting? The ‘Introduce Yourself’ section of the Forum is a great place to start. Share your areas of expertise, current projects, fun facts like these, and more!

If you’re a longtime member, provide context about who you are and what you do whenever you post in the Forum. With so many collaborators coming together on OK In the Know, this background information helps others better respond to you.

2. ‘Like’ What They See.

Click the ‘thumbs up’ icon to ‘like’ helpful posts or comments so the contributor knows their efforts were appreciated. This is the perfect feature if you are quickly browsing and don’t have time to stop and leave a comment.

3. Subscribe to Stay In the Know.

Click “Subscribe” at the top of a forum post OR check the “notify me” box below a discussion to receive an email alert when someone adds to conversations you care about!  Click here to learn how.

You can turn this feature off later if the emails become too frequent.

4. Celebrate Successes.

Did you just wrap up a project or event? Amplify your impact by sharing what you did that helped make your efforts a success.

Things didn’t go as planned? There’s always something! Help others prevent the same pitfalls and share what you learned.

 A picture speaks a thousand words. Spice up a post and spark discussion by uploading photos of your event!

5. Ask for Help.

OK In the Know gives you access to a vast network of public health professionals who work all over the state and utilize different skill sets, as shown in the graphic below. If your coworkers don’t know the answer, drop into the forum to ask a question and drum up expertise from others who may have experience to draw from.

Tip: Help others help you by providing enough background information about your health initiative, target population, and situation so folks are able to best respond to your needs.

OK In the Know Participating Groups

We each know a little, and collectively, OK In the Know members know a LOT! When you post your ideas and questions in the Forum, others can benefit and learn something new.

Everyone has a unique perspective to share, so don’t forget to pay it forward and reply to others’ posts, too.

Looking for more?

For more tips and tricks, check out the “How to Use the Site” guide.

Questions about becoming an OK In the Know member? Visit this page to learn about this site.

Having tech issues or trouble finding what you’re looking for? Contact the OK In the Know team.


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