2M2L Youth Leadership Academy brings together youth to reduce underage drinking

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*Photo credit: Tulsa Regional Prevention Coordinators

In June 2016, ODMHSAS hosted the 2M2L (Too Much To Lose) program’s annual youth leadership academy. The 2M2L program seeks to reduce underage drinking and underage access to alcohol and includes training law enforcement, youth leader development, media advocacy, retailer training, and other initiatives.

The 2M2L event brought 35 high school students together from communities throughout Oklahoma served by Regional Prevention Coordinators (RPCs) to develop plans to make their communities healthier. The youth were guided through strategic planning activities and primarily chose to address underage drinking, but some chose other community concerns. The RPCs recruit the youth and usually attend as adult chaperones.

What’s next?

After the training, there will be a fall tip-off event to start the school year and give the youth an opportunity to reconnect with the program. The youth partner up with law enforcement agents to participate in activities in their communities, including alcohol compliance checks, throughout the year.

For their part, the RPCs are completing community alcohol enforcement plans for the next few years. Key stakeholders involved in the enforcement planning are 2M2L ABLE agents, RPCs, and staff from ODMHSAS, including epidemiologists and evaluators.

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